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Research Support Services and Project Management

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We provide Research Management & Administration (RMA) services and dedicated research project management. Whether you are a start-up CEO or a University professor, we can support you. Relying on two decades of experience we specialize in EU Framework Programmes (Horizon Europe). Our services include financial and administrative management, dissemination and exploitation, and facilitation of international consortia.

From ideation to submission and from execution to completion, you can count on us. 

Not only we relieve the burden of administration and paperwork. We are business driven and as such we are keen to see the innovation reaching to the market, on the way to commercial success. For clients from academia, we are a private TTO*. For start-up companies, we are a go-to-market partner. 

* TTO = Technology Transfer Office

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Track Record

Project Partners
Cumulative Years
€121.2 M 
Net Funding

"Working closely with your experts since the inception of the SOCIONICAL FP7 FET-Open project and throughout the execution, I can say that the administrative and financial management that we had was invaluable and remarkably beneficial to me as the coordinator, and also to the the entire consortium. I look forward to working again in the future."

Prof. Dr. Paul Lukowicz


“I owe so much of the success of our MobiGuide project, for which I was the scientific coordinator during 2011 - 2015, to your team – our loyal administrative coordinators!… I’m looking forward to working with your team again and I’m sure that if you are considering working with them, that you will have a very beneficial and at the same time enjoyable experience."

Prof. Mor Peleg


"Working with you on the management of H2020 FET-Open project MRG-GRammar for 36 months was a very good experience in which I was able to focus on the science while relying on your great support for all the non-scientific tasks (dissemination and exploitation included). Part of the project success certainly belongs to you. As a project coordinator I definitely recommend to have such a dedicated support."

Prof. Roee Amit


"We’ve been working with your team for many years. They are very familiar with EC rules and norms and take care of all of the administrative burden, allowing us to focus on the science.”

Prof. Jeff Hausdorff


"Me and my colleagues, Prof. Morre Goldsmith and Dr. Ainat Pansky, would like to express our thanking and deep respect for your important professional contribution in managing the EyeWitMem project in EU Framework Programme 6. We were delighted to work with you in this 42-month long project, as well as the preparation phase prior to its start. Your expertise, knowledge and experience were very beneficial to us, and we could say that we would not have been successful in achieving the same level of achievements without you."

Prof. Asher Koriat


RMA Services

We are a private RMA (Research Management & Administration). Whether you are from academia or industry, you can rely on us all the way from pre-award to post-award. Over two decades of experience in research projects initiation and management hints that we have seen and experienced it all. Leveraging on this experience, we can assist you in reaching new heights of excellence and novelty. We use IT tools as well as Change Management methodology, to ensure concrete results.  

Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation

Separately or altogether, we take a 3-step approach. First is good planning (What). Then - strategizing (How). And finally - creating list of activities (When / Where / By whom). We do not use highfalutin lingos. Rather, we analyse the task's building blocks and make a clear, timed, realistic, measurable, and achievable action plan.

We use available resources offered by the European Commission to ensure efficiency & compliance. 

Small-Medium Enterprises 

Are you looking for funding and/or investment? Are you "investment-ready"?

We can take you to the next level, utilizing EU and US grant opportunities.

If you are already engaged in a project, we will be happy to serve you as an RMA.

“Those who can, do;   
               Those who can’t, teach.” (G.B. Shaw)
- - - 
     And those who can’t teach?
                       They administer. (Anonymous)


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